Daniel D'Alonzo

Specialist in Princeton, NJ

Management Consultant & Experience Designer

finance, legal, manufacturing, education, government, social sector, health

"Daniel is a unique visionary. Empathetic, sensitive and resourceful, he leads through facilitation. His programs are always built around the concept of getting the right people to participate. I look forward to seeing his initiatives work for the good of society. -Vijay Chakravarthy, Industrial Designer Society of America (IDSA)"

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Designing curriculum to bridge the gap between student and community

Three months after completing my undergraduate requirements, I designed the curriculum for a 16-week undergraduate course.

Bridge the Gap Between Student and Community

I designed the curriculum to encourage students to use their imagination to build creative solutions to real world problems they discovered in the local community.

Blending the learning experience with a Facebook Group

It made sense to me that we would communicate through Facebook. I was not interested in using something like Blackboard or another proprietary platform. I wanted to make it easy for learners to stay in touch and on the same page with one another.

Facebook group moxietoday

We also leveraged Facebook for seamless network effects when students had their weekly new media compositions ready to publish.

Purpose-driven projects

Based on the personal passions of each student, I introduced them to local community organizations. It was the student’s responsibility to manage the relationship.

The course was a continuous process of microlessons, real world application, and on-going conversations.

Students learning videography

students learning videography 2

Student builds her own platform

Christina Entcheva saw an opportunity to create deeper value within the art community. I setup a subdomain and microsite for her, and let her take the wheel. She named it Human(NB) with a subdomain humannb.moxietoday.com. Here she is working on her microsite.

Christina building moxieTODAY microsite HumanNB 3

Establishing an organic learning environment

I am grateful for the organic learning environment that was established for me to refine my skills and incubate my projects.

I am fortunate that I was encouraged to use my imagination to build creative solutions to real world problems.

Idea to Impact

Invite me into your project at any phase. I bring projects from vision to launch and beyond.

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